To Our HPKL Family


We hope that you and your families are doing and staying well during these challenging times. We are all missing the start of baseball season, and – although we remain in a holding pattern as to whether or when we will be able to gather and play as a league this year – we wanted to reach out to connect and share our current thinking.

Obviously, if we are able to salvage any sort of youth baseball experience this summer, it will be later than usual, and we will need to think creatively about format – perhaps a short season in the latter half of the summer, or a multi-week round robin tournament, or another format that is responsive to the current situation. All of this is dependent on whether parks are open in our city and state, which is dependent on the Mayor and the Governor. Even more importantly, it is dependent on how things progress with the virus and whether we feel that we can bring children and families together safely for baseball. We are closely monitoring the guidance of local and state officials, as well as the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken and Little League Baseball organizations.

If you would like a refund for the season at this time, please e-mail and we will process your refund ASAP. However, if you would like wait and see how things develop in the coming weeks, you don’t need to do anything now, and we will reach out with updates as we have them. If it turns out that we are unable to provide a youth baseball experience this summer or if you decide later that your child won’t participate, we will happily process your refund at that time.

Because HPKL is a community-based 501(c)3 organization, primarily funded by registration fees and the generosity and sponsorship of individuals and businesses throughout our area, we welcome donations of full or partial registration fees, as well as donations in any other amount to help support the organization through these challenging times.

Thank you for your patience during these uncertain times. We will stay in touch, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to at any point if you have questions or concerns.

Wishing you continued health and wellness,

The HPKL Board of Directors

Welcome To

HPK Legends

2021 Registration Is Open through March 28, 2021

LATE Registration March 20 –28 additional $25 late fee

Objectives & Expected Level Of Play By Division

Girls 12" Softball (7-15yr)

As we go into our 2nd year of Girls 12” Softball, we have added a day. The expectation is that Friday will be practice and Saturday will be practice and/or a game.

Our younger girls used wiffle & “soft” softballs. We may also include the use of 11” softballs this year for those girls 10 & under.

Most of our 2013 players were “first timers”, so we encourage ALL skill levels. If you are under the age of 7, we encourage you to start out with our Jr. Teeball or Teeball divisions where you will learn baseball rules while using the smaller ball.

Jr. Tee Ball (4 years old)

Great introduction to baseball.

**VERY PARENT INTERACTIVE! Although participation is not mandatory, ALL

parents are strongly encouraged to participate.

The children are grouped and divided to work on basic baseball skills. Although they are not divided into formal “teams”, they are put into game-like situations to start learning the fundamentals of baseball.

This division is open to boys and girls of all skill levels.

The baseballs are “soft”

Tee Ball (5-6yr)

This is the children’s introduction to team baseball. Each child will be placed on a team that has a designated head coach. Parent participation remains encouraged, but more responsibility is focused on the head coach and his/her assistants.

Players at this age will hit off of a tee. The first half of the season is dedicated primarily to learning, but the 2nd half does incorporate a stronger focus on games. There is a playoff in this division to start teaching the competitive aspect of baseball.

This division is open to boys and girls of all skill levels.

The baseballs are “soft”.

Rookie (7-8yr)

This is the children’s introduction to PITCHED baseball. Just like in tee ball, each child will be placed on a team that has a designated head coach, but instead of hitting off of a tee, they will hit off of live pitching. There is a mix of “coach pitch” and “player pitch”.

This division is open to boys and girls of all skill levels.

The baseballs are real baseballs.

Babe Ruth (13+)

COMPETITIVE LEVEL TRAVEL TEAM...this division is dedicated to players who want to play competitive baseball and represent the Hyde Park Kenwood Legends.

This division plays full baseball rules.

Minor (9-10yr)

At this level, the game gets a bit more serious. It is fully player pitched...some of the baseball rules such as stealing are added.

While this division remains open to boys and girls of all skill levels, some knowledge of the game is beneficial.

Major (11-12yr)

We have integrated most “full” baseball rules in this division. At this level, a knowledge of the game and ability to catch & throw and an intermediate level is beneficial and will help the child have a much more enjoyable experience.

Contact Info

HPK Legends
1507 E. 53rd Street, Suite 313
Chicago, Illinois 60615


Welcome to all of our players and parents to the start of a terrific new season of Legends baseball and softball! We are excited to have everyone participate in the thrills of excellent athletic competition and good old fashion fun.

The Hyde Park-Kenwood Legends Baseball League (HPK Legends) is gearing up for our 41st season of baseball. HPK Legends is a non-profit organization that provides fun, competitive and instruction-based baseball to the children of Hyde Park-Kenwood and its surrounding communities.