2021 Summer Registration is now Open

LATE Registration April 13–14 additional $25 late fee

Ages are based on their age as of 04/30 of the current year after (Age 4, as of 4/30) for each division.

2021 Fees

Jr Tee Ball - $175.00 (Age 4, as of 4/30)

Tee Ball$180.00 (Ages 5-6, as of 4/30)

Rookie$185.00 (Ages 7-8, as of 4/30)

Minor$190.00 (Ages 9-10, as of 4/30)

Major$190.00  (Ages 11-12, as of 4/30)

Girls Softball$185.00 (Ages 7-14, as of 4/30)

Babe Ruth 14U - $450.00 (Age 14, as of 5/1/2006)

Make Your Kid A Legend!

Contact Info

HPK Legends
1507 E. 53rd Street, Suite 313
Chicago, Illinois 60615

Welcome to all of our players and parents to the start of a terrific new season of Legends baseball and softball! We are excited to have everyone participate in the thrills of excellent athletic competition and good old fashion fun.

The Hyde Park-Kenwood Legends Baseball League (HPK Legends) is gearing up for our 45th season of baseball. HPK Legends is a non-profit organization that provides fun, competitive, and instruction-based baseball to the children of Hyde Park-Kenwood and its surrounding communities.